Lakeway and Karlawinda Delivery Stations

Detailed design and construction support


Detailed design and construction support




Western Australia



In 2020, APA Transmission (APA) were engaged to design, build and operate a new gas transmission pipeline for supply of natural and process gas for power generation and processing at the Salt Lake Potash mine site.

The pipeline facilities included the Wongawol Rd Offtake, a new hot tap tie in to the Goldfields Gas Pipeline (GGP), and the Camel Soak Delivery Station, a new compound consisting of interconnected skid packages for inlet filtration and metering, heating, pressure control, and station outlets to the new mine site.

The offtake and facilities design was then leveraged to deliver the Karlawinda Gas Pipeline Facilities project, for APA, a new facility to provide gas to the Capricorn Metals Karlawinda gold project near Newman.