Low Carbon Solutions

Momentum is committed to supporting the transition to a lower emission or zero emissions energy future. Momentum’s experience includes renewables, alternate energies, and energy storage solutions, across both molecule, and electron-based processes.

Some of our projects

Oil and Gas (Offshore and Onshore)

Whether you are maintaining, improving, or creating your onshore or offshore oil and gas facility, we have the right experience, expertise, and systems to suit. Our experience spans the entire lifecycle of oil & gas assets, from concept through design, construction support, commissioning, operations, and decommissioning.

We provide support of maintenance engineering services including assessment of the repair or replacement of structures, incorporation of current standards and specifications to the new design, and engineering verification for connections to existing plant.

We are helping our clients achieve more efficient operating models through the assessment and adaptation of solutions and technologies and transition to new and safer ways of working.

Some of our projects

Gas Transmission Pipelines and Facilities

Our team has significant experience of gas processing and gas compression projects since the inception of the company (over 16 years).

We provide multi-discipline engineering and design projects services to the development of new (greenfield) or upgrades to existing (brownfields) compressor stations, offtake stations and main line valve facilities across the country. We provide technical support to construction and commissioning activities including final as-building and closeout for handover to the Operations Team.

We are supporting our client’s transition to low carbon and alternate futures through the incorporation of green energy solutions and hydrogen capable gas transmission infrastructure.

Some of our projects