Community: On My Feet

Helping with homelessness

On My Feet is an amazing organisation that strives to help people experiencing homelessness to build self-confidence and self-worth through running, being part of a community, and providing access to pathways that create self-sufficiency.

Momentum Engineering is proud to be involved with supporting On My Feet’s most recent initiative, which will provide people experiencing homelessness with the necessary tools to enable and inspire them.

More information about On My Feet and their newest initiative is below.

What they do:

On My Feet assist those at risk or dealing with homelessness by providing a pathway for participants of their program to build self-worth, self-belief and, ultimately, transition to self-sufficiency through exercise.

How they do it:

The exercise groups (running, general exercise and walking sessions) are created as an environment where those that find themselves in difficult circumstances can go to find hope and a sense of purpose in their lives. The disciplines of exercise are applicable to life – you get out what you put in, it’s brutally honest and whilst your development may not always be linear, you will always trend upwards if you have a positive attitude and give it your best. Participants who demonstrate this attitude, as well as On My Feet’s core values are offered further development opportunities beyond the exercise group. The ability to represent On My Feet in local, domestic and international events, to become an ambassador and inspire others who have come from similar backgrounds, among other internal opportunities are afforded to committed participants. Importantly, so are opportunities sourced by their referral partners in the areas of employment, education, mental health and physical health.

What Momentum’s support and contribution will be going towards:

Momentum’s contribution will assist On My Feet with their newest initiatives – the distribution of gift boxes to people experiencing homelessness. Everyone feels special when they are presented a gift; even more so when it is thoughtful, well presented and of a high quality. On My Feet have embarked on their goal to hand out 500 gift boxes to the homeless in Perth in FY19 to encourage attendance at their sessions and address some issues which prevent the homeless from exercising. Those in this situation often do not have the appropriate apparel or shoes to run, nor do they feel inspired to exercise. In these gift boxes are OMF socks, shorts, running shirt and a cap as well as an invitation to receive a free pair of running shoes – all they have to do is attend a session, confirm sizing and On My Feet will have a pair ready for them at their next session. In this way, the gift boxes are not simply a hand out, they are a hand up, by asking the recipient to come down to a session and give it a go.

If you, or your organisation, are able to help On My Feet, financially or through volunteering, you can contact them via their website here.