Momentum Goes 4D

Virtual Reality

Imagine being able to walk around your facility, climb the stairs to access platforms, reach up and turn that valve or access that instrument, plan out how it will be constructed and commissioned, operated and maintained, before the first shovel of dirt is turned, or the first piece of equipment has even been purchased.

Well, imagine no more, as Momentum Engineering has brought our 3D modelling, engineering and design services into the virtual world to provide you with further improved skilful handling of your projects and facilities.

So put on the virtual reality goggles and take a tour of your facilities, or integrate your construction and commissioning schedule into the 3D world, adding the fourth dimension of time to bring your project to life in 4D. Interact with our team with a meeting inside the model to discuss the design, or just spend time on your own and leave your comments inside the model to be addressed by the project team.

Momentum Engineering is now offering Virtual Reality and 4D services to your projects, so whether you would like to carry out early feasibility assessments and development of an optimised construction schedule, or develop a detailed animation of every step of the implementation sequence, for communication with your site based people and construction teams, we have it covered.

Take a look at our short video stepping through a detailed demolition and construction sequence for maintenance works on an offshore facility, providing a real time status of the project as it progresses to completion.

Are you ready to enter the exciting world of virtual design and implementation? Then give us a call.

View our 4D Video